Smart connect update

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Remeber my article in which I was praising Smart Connect for filling the inexplicable gap in the access point configuration on newer E series nokia phones?

Well I have a small update. It’s crap. From time to time my phone was unnable to connect to the internet, be it 3g or wi-fi untill I restarted it. I kept thinking it’s the phones problem, and waited for a firmware update. Well I managed to track the problem: it’s Smart Connect. At some point it will ask “Hotspot log-in, add to the list” or something like that. No matter what I answer (yes or no) after this messege smart connect hangs and the phone cannot connect to the interenet. I cannot start smart connect after this either. I managed to dig on Birdstep’s homepage an updated version but it has the same problem. I tried to use Y-tasks to identify the stuck process but I couldn’t.

So I removed smart connect because having to restart my phone from time to time is not acceptable. Psiloc connect is not a sollution for me because untill Psiloc does away with their crap DRM (which runs all the time, eating ram, battery and cpu) I’m not touching any of their products again. So I’m back to choosing manual access points, or in case of stuff I want to run unattended (like swim for SyncML sync) to using just the mobile 3g access point.

So if your phone cannot conect to the internet from time to time, no matter what access point you try, do yourself a favour and get rid of Smart connect

  • simon

    i have the same problem….i really like smart connect, but the new hotspot message requires me to reboot everytime…if this was fixed it would be ace..just wondering whether u can turn it off?

  • Hmm, the only fix I could find was to remove smart connect completely. I tried disabling the new hot spot detection but the fatal message would still pop up.

  • Edgar

    Found a way to fix the problem. First, put your phone into offline mode. Then restart. Afterward, on reboot, kill all applications that pop up, go into the SmartConnect app, choose Options, Connection Settings, and change Hot-Spot from Auto detect to None. Exit, Change to General Profile, and restart; you should be good to go.

  • Great news, will give it a try. Thank you !

  • LHM

    Does Edgar’s solution work?

  • I gave up on Smart Connect without trying Edgar’s solution after all. I checked and since e-mail and sync (the two I want always on) don’t take a lot of traffic I simply set them to 3g and be done with it.