Corel DRAW X3, X4 and X5 crashes on Open, Save As, Export. A.R.M. error.

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Corel Draw is one of the most expensive pieces of junk I ever saw. I take that back 🙂 Considering that still X3 was decent compared to 11 and 12 and also that X5 is pretty good considering Corel’s history and also most important because I’ve seen much more expensive piles of junk since I wrote this.

Nevertheless I, and probably you too have to use and maintain it. I had the following problem on a fresh installation of Windows XP SP3: every time I wanted to export, save as or open a drawing Corel Draw X3 would crash regularly with it’s darned Crash Wizard.I tried applying the patches found on the Corel support page but it didn’t help. After some digging I found that it’s a problem related to the Common Dialogue function found in comdlg32.

You must launch regedit (ALT+R or START->RUN and type regedit and press enter) and go to:
and change NoFileMru from 0x00000001 to 0x00000000

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


If on your computer it’s already 0 it’s worth trying the other way around, just remember to set it back if it doesn’t help.

UPDATE: I encountered the very same problem with Corel Draw X4 (even after applying the Corel Service Pack for X4) with the ugly difference that the cause of the crash is not reported. Fortunately repeated crashes on open, save, save as and export made me remember this article and sure enough this was the cause.

UPDATE: Users are reporting the same problem of crashing with Corel X5 and Windows XP.

Am I the only one thinking Corel is getting crapier and crapier by the version? Well not really, updating this article now, after some time I feel that x4 is really an improvement over the x3.

UPDATE: Some users reported the same problem on other Windows versions. Also X5 had the same issues.

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  • s. unmesh

    i face thae problem of a.r.m. error in coreldraw x3 package.
    so please give me tips on that.

    • lia

      im having the same problem…when i save or save as it crashes…i tried to do as u instructed but there is nothing in the “policies” folder :|……HELP……..PLZ…

      • Chard0326

        Your so great sir., i wish that became like you!

        • Be careful what you wish for … 🙂

  • The fix for the problem is clearly stated above. let me know where you get stuck.

  • jay

    how cant i save as the corelphotopaint. i cant not see were folder they save.. the big problem is were can i find the saving pacture

  • hardik123

    Thanks its also work on my Corel Draw X5 in windows xp

  • Hey, thanks. Never realized that X5 is out. I updated the title and article accordingly.

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    God bless you

  • avi

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    u have no idea how popular this will make me at work. -yes at work

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  • thanks a solved my problem. you are so great!

  • Rockevin

    Tanks, it was useful to me

  • Pawan

    Hi everyone, while working with Coreldraw X5 version it’s get crashed many time and the file is become damaged. It’s a majour issue with this latest one. So, please reply if anyone have a solution on this topic.

  • you are a lovely … thank you for your help…. +100!!!


    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciescomdlg32 NOT ON MY LIST. WHAT TO DO???

  • Add it yourself.

  • Tirdad


    You are great, and solve my problem. Thanks a lot and god be with you dude…

  • damang

    thanks for the tips,
    i have searched for the spesific string tha you mentioned in the registry, but i didn’t find any…

    i always turn off the C.A.R.M function, because it always bugging me.

    now i’m having a new problem, x4 and x5 repeatedly close/exit by it self and left me loosing unsaved data without any backup. And when i want to open the original file, x4 and x5 seem to trying to open, but when its status bar reaches app 90%, it closes the window.

    do you or anyone have the same problem?

  • corel sever

    thanks, this solved my problem.

  • Oregoner

    I have Vista 64
    A bit of clarification on adding the key please? I added the key folder com32dlg and now I add what to that folder? String value? Binary value? Dword? Qword? I don’t have to edit the registry much so please forgive…

    I only get the crash if I “save as” and then try to change the destination folder. It just hangs. I might have the crash report turned off cuz it’s useless as tits on a boar. LOL

    I have to say that I really pull my hair out using Corel draw sometimes, but using AI is not as suitable for drawing technical illustrations.

  • Rimas

    Man, you are god!!!

  • Having big crash problems when editing large photos. I can get about two sets of 5 or 6 opened and edited and renamed before the crash genie starts popping up out of the bottle. I can tell it’s coming because the previews start showing as little black squares instead of the edited photo. I’ve upped my RAM settings in Windows 7 but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

    Read your fix and tried to do this but I am not finding a “Policies” folder at the end of the path you suggest and cannot locate the NoFileMRU. I’m using 64 bit Win 7 and wonder if it is set up slightly differently. Can you point me to where I might find this setting on my system so I can try the fix?

    Thanks much.

    • Your problems are coming from some place else. This fix is specifically if you get a crash *every time* you try to save anything. If you can save your files (the save window dialog appears) your errors are coming from something else. Of the top of my head I would run a memory test (memtest86 or something).

  • Joze

    Tnx for solution. It works !!!

  • I am running X5 on a Vista Home pc and there is only one small issue that makes it crash for me: when I try to apply Paragraph Formatting while more than one text object is selected. This ONLY happens when the Object Properties docker window is open. I made Corel aware of this and they are putting it in the next SP release. Until they fix it, just keep the Object Properties docker closed while formatting more than one text object at a time.

    Otherwise, Corel X5 is running smoothly with no crashes and I find the learning curve is minimal from X4. Open, Save, Export all work flawlessly. I have an HP quad core with 3 GB RAM, if that helps anyone better understand their problem: newer chipsets and more RAM are always going to make any new version of software run better.

    • Thank you for sharing this information with me and the visitors of this site.

  • deepak

    thankzzz a lot dude….

  • xthretic

    worked on x4 4 me 2.
    thank you very much.

  • I found the hexkey editor, but the one u mentioned is not in my computer. I tried to add the hexkey to my computer but can’t find the way, any help??

  • I found on another page, a corel registry fixer which installed itself on the Hexkey, but that still didn’t solve the problem. I changed from cero to 1 and backwards, but still didn’t work. Any ideas????

  • Yogesh Saraf

    This worked in Admin account but same problem in user accounts. Please help.

  • Ioan

    TNX A LOT! It worked on X5.

  • Nurlan

    Hello, you say if you don’t have the comdlg32 then create it yourself, but how do you create it? there are different options, is it just a regular string or what? and how do you add NoFileMru?

    • As a string, I think, and comdlg32 was hex.

  • BBB

    Thanks, sorted my Save As crash.
    The comdlg32 key doesn’t exist on my other machine that doesn’t have the problem, as the NoFileMru was the only string value in that key, I just deleted the comdlg32 key altogether.

  • TNX A LOT! It worked on X5

  • sudhir

    while launching corel draw x5 error 38 comes can any one tell me how to solve this problem

  • You are great! Thank you very much!

  • Thanks very much Friend.THxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx……….

  • mick

    I don’t know how many times I’ve installed/uninstalled/reinstalled this software and in 5 minutes I found this site and your answer. Why the devil didn’t I just Google it before? Feeling pretty stoopid. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…

  • Thank you very much, problem has been fix!

  • THANKS !!! Thank you very very much ! It helped ! YOU helped.

    Once againa I’m very very greatfull for sharing such an information! Windows xp sp3 just didn’t get a long with my corel x3. Set to “0” and they are friends once again .
    p.s. Will press on the ads for sure .

  • bia

    wow……you are a genius!!! thank you!

  • THANKS A LOT for the soltuion… THE PROBLEM IS DONE…

  • Adrian

    Thank you.It really work’s.

  • Mike Grant

    Many thanks! This fixed the X4 crashes on my XP SP3 machine. But strangely enough – X4 has never crashed once on the new-fangled Windows 7 machine we have here! Weird or what?

  • Luke

    Hi, i’m having similar problems.

    All of a sudden X3 started turning rather simple files into absolute monsters to deal with! The problem has been that certain files i access regularly are becoming almost impossible to open, import or edit at all. I see you have offered some solutions above but i’m getting stuck at this point..Policiescomdlg32 the last option is not listed and i’m not sure how to add it to progress further with your solution.

    Any help would be great as this is absolutely killing me with production.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • The above will probably not help your case. It addresses on very specific problem. If Corel doesn’t instantly crash EVERY TIME you try to open or save a file than your problem is not related.

  • kml

    my problem solved, thx a lot

  • Damn… it really worked, awesome my 5 years experience with corel is added 5 years more with this tip. 😀 lol

    Those who couldn’t find comdlg32 key in their registry
    Just right Click on “Policies” Click New and then Click “Key”
    Name the new key “comdlg32” when created, right click on comdlg32, click on New and then click “string value”. On the Right panel of registry Name the new string value “NoFileMru” and set the value to “0” press enter, refresh. DONE..

  • Alucard Hellsing

    WOW thanks…for years I’d been using CGS11, knowing what madness are the new versions. Now I can run X5 flawlessly. Thanks again.

  • Rambilas

    Thank you so much ,i was thinking to change my windows . But this help me , thanks once again.

  • shailesh

    Indeed Very useful information.thanks

  • tavi

    Good Job! it works! Thanks!

  • fra

    hi all, i have the same problem with corel draw x5 on windows 7 32 bit.
    Problem is that i can’t create a new key in policies folder because corel is installed on a user’s laptop.
    If i create “comdlg32” as administrator it works only for administrator…
    How can i create “comdlg32” on user laptop???

    please help me!

  • mwx

    Hi. Just dropping a line to say thanx!!! Had this problem with CorelDraw X5 on Win XP SP3 32bit. Your solution worked.

  • I had this problem also with CDR X5 and XP Pro SP3 32b, and this was very helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  • VYB

    It did work!!! I cant believe it was that simple :p
    I thought its happening because im virtually running win on my mac.
    thank god i did a search and didnt just give up. phew. Thanks 😀

  • Vijender

    Wolla what a nice trick to create comdlg32 key

    You must launch regedit (ALT+R or START->RUN and type regedit and press enter) and go to:
    Click on “Policies” Click New and then Click “Key”
    Name the new key “comdlg32″ when created, right click on comdlg32, click on New and then click “string value”. On the Right panel of registry Name the new string value “NoFileMru” and set the value 0×00000000 press enter, from view mennu do refresh. DONE..

    restart your computer & ARM error will become history.

    • justm1ke

      I thought it was a DWORD?! That’s what the (regedit) graphic shows and there is a BIG difference. Didn’t work as a DWORD with X5/Win7 Ultimate 64-bit (also had to add the regkey as others have noted). Will try as a string but have little confidence that it will work.

  • Khooty

    Nope – I tried this and came to a halt after ‘policies’ – the remainder ‘/’ weren’t there. I have windows 7 on a 64 bit system running Corel Draw 10. I am doing a small catalogue job with 28 pages and some largish photos – file size is 595 MB. The blasted thing crashes after running only a few minutes & though it sends a report just keeps on crashing soon after I reopen it.
    Any ideas?

    • Like I said a few times above: This is a fix speciffically for one problem that being if it crashes *every time* you try to save, save-as or open a file. It won’t help with anything else. Though as a quick hunch Corel 10 sounds pretty old for Windows 7 64 to play nice with.

  • stoorm

    Thank you very much! I have this problem on Corel Draw X5 (Win XP+SP3) and now is working good!

    Again thanks a lot!

  • frank

    well, i have the same problem (crashes every time i try to open a cdr file. Win 7 64-bit here. The .dll file thing did not change the problem.

    • This fix is working only if you crash when the open, save or save-as dialog is used! Easy to check. Double click on a .cdr file in explorer. If it still crashes like this than your problem is unrelated. If you go corel draw, new file and then it crashes when you hit save as instead of presenting the save dialog than you have the problem described above. Good luck.

  • frank

    also run a corel X5. I cannot uninstall it as well…

  • nicolas

    Thank you very much!you just save my life

  • tybuzz67

    hey solution does works. now i wonder why this happened? i installed X4 and i found out the error i switch to X5 hoping it would work. same problem. man, this sucks. coreldraw seems cool with this darn bug.

  • tybuzz67

    hey solution does works. now i wonder why this happened? i installed X4 and i found out the error i switch to X5 hoping it would work. same problem. man, this sucks. coreldraw seems cool without this darn bug.

  • jackson5

    Anybody can help? I have X5 with SP1 and SP 2 installed on Win 7-64 bit platform. Corel crashes immediatelly and with no error message at any attempt to export any kind of format (i.e. png, gif, jpg….) I am yet a bit frustrated… so thank’s for any suggestion….

  • Toni a

    Thank you so much man!. it works on x4, i’ll try on X5 too, because yesterday all of them are fail.
    You’re great! 🙂

  • andre

    Help! Corel crashes! Idid everything you writed but nothing helps it is still crashes. It dont let to save export and other :(((( I creant new key but it didnt help???? what the metter. and On the Right panel of registry there is and default key??? maybe I have to delete it? please help

  • Sanshiru


    so far I’ve worked with corel photopaint x4 without any issues for more than half a year, yesterday out of the blue it started crashing whenever I tried saving a file in it’s very own file format. I reinstalled it, reinstalled a newer version, namely x5 and even reinstalled windows twice but still the same issue. there has been no sort of update or whatsoever before it started crashing. I was working with it for several hours that day and just when i finished the last texture it crashed the first time and ever since it doesn’t stop. starting it and working with it is no issue at all tho.

    I’m running win 7 32 sp1 3gb ram

    i checked the registry as you mentioned in you article but there is no such entry. also creating it with the mentioned value did not help the problem.

    thanks in advance for solutions.

  • Ned Baldy

    Thanks a lot this worked great for me using X4 on XP. 😀

  • seth_hme

    Why i can’t save or Export file CorelDraw X4 use Window 7?

    • If you have the same problem I describe the answer is clearly described above.

  • Sanshiru

    if you’d have bothered reading my post, then you’d have noticed that i tried what you said in your article, but apparently it didn’t work.
    so never mind i just stick to corel 12.
    can’t stand people who are incapable of reading and comprehending the read.

  • Thomas

    many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many thanks. Makes this day a good day once more.


  • LastArc her

    Thanks woody its worked

  • Sasa

    Thanks for help, you save few hours of reinstalling to me

  • Joel Fernandes

    Dude! I would kiss you if I could. It worked on a fresh Windows XP (32bits under a VM) and Corel X5.

    Thank you!

  • Lucas

    Thank you! It works perfectly!

  • Joe

    My two cents…

    While the author is to be commended for posting a solution, in the bigger picture, it’s bugs like this that make me feel as if Corel is neglecting it’s flagship software. I’ve been using Corel since version 3, and it seems as though things started going south with version 11. Prior to version 11, I was a happy and productive Corel user. But since then, I’ve been using Adobe more and more. Corel has simply become too buggy and unstable. I wish Corel would stop buying up software companies and start re-focusing on what made them famous in the first place.

  • Theo

    Hello, I looked in this problem where Corel PP crashes all the time on my computer (XP SP3). When I have an image like 1000x1500px; I make the width 300 px; I make a new document 72DPI 300×430. I copy the first picture into the new document; Export it to a folder; When closing the file, PP crashes/I get the recovery thing. So I looked with REGEDIT for the line to change, but I’ve got NO line saying “comdlg32”. Does this mean my problem is even bigger since I guess it should be there in the first place? Should I manually make a key? Or is the “comdlg32” not connected/in use regarding to Corel at all?

  • aldrin mantaring

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS THANKYOU!!!!!!!! i’ve been looking for this fix for 3 days!!! been messing with x3 x4 and x5 thanks to this!!!!!

  • Theo

    UPDATE: I missed the reply above explaining how to add the key with regedit. I made the key and restarted the PC again. But it didn’t help me. I also read the reply where it explains how to see if the problem is related to your topic. When I open CorelDraw and make a new document and save as a .cdr file it doesn’t crash. So unfortunately it seems I have an other problem. I don’t know what to do any more. I repaired X5, uninstalled it, installed it. Before SP2 I did not have this problem. I was not 100% stable but less worse than this…

  • Syam Supriadi

    it works, thank you very much

  • Shutterbabe

    I tried this, doesn’t work for me. Check everything nothing’s working after updating the SP2.

  • Murali

    Wow its worked ………… thanx……………

  • Theo

    Hello, what if you don’t have this key at all?

    • Than you simply need to create it!

  • don

    i cannot save, save as, export nor print from corel X4.. whats must be the problem??? can any of you out there help me here??

  • Works like a charm! Thanks so much 😉

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  • Rizzolution

    windows error ,, cant open coral x5…   close program

    • This sounds like a different problem

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  • Jumma786

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  • Salamancaoswaldo

    i am sick of this version corel x5 , is the most terrible version since corel 8(COREL BIDI)

    • Hm, I used every corel since 12 (well and I also used once 3.0 but that’s another story 🙂 ) and I don’t feel so. I used 12 a lot, X3 for over one year and x5 for a few months and I feel X5 is really an improvement over X3. I felt X4 was really wrong in many ways, maybe that’s why it was short lived.

  • Ferraram

    not working for me A.R.M. message on startup

  • You are Great Sir & your solution is more gret. U do deserve a coffee from me.
    Link for Others

  • SDDD

    THANK YOU VER MUCH DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • russel

    Hello i am having corel draw 15 which takes lot of time to open even i am having good configuration and graphic card  installed on my pc and its still take time to open .plz tell me the solution 

    • Nobody can answer this questions. I need details regarding your operating system, configuration, etc. Also note that this post addresses one common and specific error. Maybe Corel Support can help you further. P.S. pirated software usually contains trojans, viruses or worse rootkits some of wich and antivirus will not detect. If that is the case your only sure option would be to reformat.

  • PL

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  • Thank you man…. ur the best….

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    coudln’t find the regkey mentioned in win7?!

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  • Brightson2

    I have coreldraw 12 on windows 7 OS and recently I can’t open any file from the past and it says that the MSXML4 is not installed and create a DOM document…what is this???? Am clueless and hurting on my work, did nothing to warrant this…has anyone got a clue? Tried downloading the MSXML4 from a google search but it does nothing…………!!!!!

  • asad

    i didn’t found any file going after policies/ComDlg32 … it shows explorer instead of ComDlg32 … plz help me… 🙁

    • Graeme Yvonne

      Hi Asad
      You need to download and install the Comdlg32 file which can be done from this site, it will also install into the registry for you, once you have done this re-start your computer so as that the new entry in the registry can take effect. I had the same problem as you and it as now put the ComDlg32  entry in the registry ( See my reply further up etc)

      Regards Graeme

  • najeeb

    i use the graphic programe coreldraw 6 with windows 7 the problem is when i use the order (import) or (export) the programe is freezed and no reply for any other order….

    • As I mentioned over and over I cannot provide Corel Draw Support 🙂 Those questions are better addressed in a Corel dedicated forum or to their support staff. This article simple documents ONE issue I once hit…

  • Lesliesungkit

    thnx for the help…

  • socratus

    thank you . X5 now working well (XP sp3)

  • Graeme Yvonne

    I had the same problem i.e my computer would freeze when either opening, saving or exporting a file. This would not always happen, but I would say more often than not, however after carringout the steps given above including downloading the ComDlg32 and installing (as prior to doing this I could not see it)and inserting “1” as my configuration had zero’s – I now do not seem to have any problems in either opening,saving or exporting files.

    I am using Windows 7 Home Edition
    CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5

    Hope I’ve not spoken too soon

    Many Thanks


  • Mbah Sastr01

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    Andrew from Italy

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    Minunat .. nu credeam ca se mai poate rezolva ceva in cazul corel-ului meu ..
    Multumiri majore !! Lucian

    • Se poate si romaneste 🙂

  • Andrei

    were to tipe value 0×0000000, in hexadecimal or decimal?

  • hi…i have windows 7 professional 32 bit os in which i found a problem of coel x4…it cant open options save,save as,export,print options…so plz tell me solution for that


    • If it’s the issue I described please follow the post’s instructions. If it’s a different one I cannot help you, but I’m sure Corel’s support will!

  • Cteowner

    my corel x5 freezes up i have tried to go to the  [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciescomdlg32]
    and change NoFileMru from 0×00000001 to 0×00000000

    BUT I CANNOT FIND THIS FILE  i get all the wat to the policies and there is no comdlg32 ….
    I am confused..

    • Freezing is probably a different problem. As I wrote about 10 times in this article and comments, this fix only applies if Corel CRASHES on opening a SAVE, SAVE AS or OPEN window. If it’s your case and you miss the record than you must simply create it.

      • Djsign

        Still crashes… Your help does’nt work… sorry… Corel still crashes when i try to open… Even no dialog box – program 
        just shut down… Any idea now?

        • Not really, you will have to take up this one with Corel Support.

  • Erwin

     thanks many thanks
    My corel X5 crashed all the time on win xp, fresh install. Cannot work without corel because i’m used to ut.
    now its up and running fine !!!

  • Deep9541

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  • Quannt

    I have been some matter with error 38 in Corel Draw X5! So please help me fix it
    Thanks you

    • This article describes one specific problem. If it doesnt’ apply to you please contact Corel support – I don’t provide that 🙂

  • Thanks !! Very useful! Working on X5

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    I love you, man! =D
    I had given up on CorelDRAW, because of a sudden the X3 was up with this problem.
    Thanks a lot! You do not know how much I was looking for a solution and not found.

    • Believe me I do 🙂 It took me a while when I first hit this…

      • Helder

        How lucky we are, huh? xD
        After almost two years, today, when I installed the X5 and the same error persisted, looking on google about the problem… I find the solution here. ^^

  • Mark Debnam

    Hi there, I am running windows 7 64 bit and X5, Have the same problem, however there is no comdlg under policies, anyone had this experience?

    • If the path is missing you should try creating it and see if it helps.

  • Mihai

    Scuze, imi incerc si eu norocul.
    Avem, si eu si colegul meu, Corel X5 pe Windows XP  SP2. De curand, dupa luni de functionare fara probleme, nu mai putem exporta, el JPG si eu TIF, ca se inchide Corel-ul.
    Nu ma prea pricep la Winidows, registri si altele dar am incercat sa gasessc locatia descrisa si nu imi apare nimic la:
    Exista o chestie default si atat.
    Fisierul ComDlg32.dll e in Windows dar nu stiu ce ar trebui sa fac cu el. Pana la NoFileMRru nici nu am ajuns.
    Daca ai vreo sugestie sau un link unde sa ma documentez, mi-ar fi de mare ajutor.

    • Aveti alta problema. Daca nu crapa *la fiecare* fereastra de open, save, save as atunci solutia asta nu e pentru problema voastra. probabil ca urmatorul pas e corel suport 🙂

      2012/5/1 Disqus

  • Nima

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    The Best solution For My Corel Draw X4
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  • DJ4060

    That’s odd, I don’t seem to have either one of those items in my registry.

  • John

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  • shashi chauhan

    i use coral X3 one object in Page & one object Page Outside but one page more insert so outside object hide, help me ?????

  • It’s been years since I last touched Corel. Try the sollution posted here if you feel the problem described matches your issues. If not try Corel support.

  • Kiran Bhanushali (Dama)

    Thank You Sooooo Much….:)

  • Nitika Jain

    I had a problem in saving my file and when i design something my file corrupt and a blank page arises, please help me what to do

    • As I stated countless times this (very old) page only deals with one specific issue, what you are describing is a different issue, I suggest you try corel customer support.

  • Ashish Verma

    *My friend Not able to install Coreldraw 14 without frozen/grey commands* -he has windows 7 home basic installed in my computer. he has been installing Coreldraw 14 complying all instructions – choose trail version, copy 3 dll files in a specific folder and then run the program. Still he always got frozen command when i open it after installation. I cleared folders from the registry also still the problem is persisting again and again. tell me what should he do.

    • He should do what I suggested to all commenters asking for different issues than the one I describe in this post. He should contact Corel Support.

  • Mudassar Imran

    I installed coreldraw X7 without registration. It works last 6 months, but now the he identify that I used coreldraw x7 not registered and off the options of save, import, export, print etc.