Permanently show the Hibernate button in Windows XP

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You like to hibernate your Windows system instead of always turning it off? Me too! You still have to reboot or power off from time to time otherwise the system would slow down but at least sometimes you don’t have to wait for the lengthy Windows boot.

The Hibernate ButtonThis is how you can configure Windows XP to always show the Hibernate button when clicking Turn Off like it shows on some laptops.

In windows XP, after you activate hibernation from Desktop->Properties->Screensaver -> Power (the logical place for it to be, right?) the only way to show the Hibernate button is to hold Shift while the Turn off menu is on. While shift is down Stand by becomes Hibernate.

Well another way is to add in:


A value named:


Easy. The Shutdown key may not be there so create that as well.

If you don’t like to edit your registry by hand you can download and execute this .reg file to make the changes automatically:  hibernate.reg

  • Law Takhell


  • Josh Nasiatka

    it wants to download as mp3

    • I wouldn’t know why it does that. Just right click on it and choose “Save As”

  • Mihaela

    hi it apeared there i ve done it bouth ways in regedit than downloaded it, but in bouth cases it shows the new hybernate button but it is inactive ( can not clik it) any ideea why? thank you

    • You probably didn’t enabled hibernation in power settings…