Windows 7 small arrow icons for Desktop shortcuts

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Many  guides found online will show you how to completely remove the arrow of the desktop shortcuts. If you, like me, preffer the smaller shortcut arrow icon that Windows XP has, as opposed to the big one Windows 7 proudly shows here’s what you have to d:

Start regedit (Alt+R, regedit.exe, enter)

Go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell Icons

If Sell Icons is not there, under Explorer create the new key. (Right cklick, new key)

In the right pane create a new String Value with the name 29.

Right click on this value and choose Modify.

Type the following as it’s value:
c:windowsSystem32shell32.dll,29 and click ok.

Restart you computer to see the effects.

Please note that 29 after the comma is the respective icon from inside shell32.dll

  • great. Thanks for information. It really works 🙂

  • wildcatherder

    This works well but the way the page gets formatted causing confusion:
    1. In the Registry path, there is no space before “Windows”
    2. There does need to be a space between “Shell” and “Icons”. This is obscured by line wrap.

    Thanks for posting a solution to this particular annoyance. I don’t design custom icons just to have them 25% obscured by the MASSIVE default shortcut arrow.

    • @3682ad8abea9f8e650dcb3ce0647bbdf:disqus 
      for me if I took the space out of the key name Shell Icons , the fix quit working.  (It worked with the space, I took it out, it broke , I put the space back, it worked again).

      You are right that the space before Windows is in error.

      My system is Win 7 Enterprise x64 SP1.

  • kotakmakan

    This is great. Thank you very much, exactly what I’m looking for.

  • AzDayton

    You don’t actually have to restart your machine.  You can kill Explorer then restart it.  Much easier if you want to try out different icons.