A free e-book from Texas Instruments – LED Reference Design Cookbook

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texas instruments free led cookbookThe guys over at Make were kind enough to signal this free e-book from Texas instruments.

It is a 41-page “cookbook” of circuit designs and application notes for TI’s LED-related components. Makes for an interesting read even if you don’t use TI’s stuff.

What’s inside:

  • Small LCD Backlight with Digital and PWM Dimming
  • Small LCD Backlight from LDO
  • Medium-Size LCD Backlight
  • Large-LCD Backlight Driver
  • Constant Current Driver with PFC
  • Boost Controller with PFC
  • Replacement for Standard
  • 25-Watt Dimmable Driver
    with PFC
  • 100-Watt, Constant-Current,
    Non-Isolated Driver with PFC
  • 110-Watt, Constant-Current,
    Isolated Driver with PFC
  • 10-Watt, Green-Mode PWM
    LED Driver
  • Wireless-Controlled Triple
    LED Drive
  • Low Voltage Buck Boost for
    LED Torch
  • Boost Driver with Integrated
    Power Switch
  • Nonsynchronous Boost LED
  • Wide Input DC Voltage Range
    SEPIC Driver
  • 3-Watt Solar Lantern

LED Reference Design Cookbook [PDF]