Mobile formula one site and application

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I used up until last race the nice live-f1 application to see live timings in the linux terminal. But starting with the last race I couldn’t. But today I got great news. The official Formula 1 website just released a mobile version available at and oh joy and happiness they also released a mobile application that will offer Live Timings on your mobile phone.

To my biggest surprise, my symbian based Nokia E71 is supported. I seriously awaited to only see android and iphone there because they are all the rage. I suppose it’s because Formula 1 is much more popular in europe. Anyways I have live timings on my phone for free now.

Also many more services are available for your phone for free – like sms text services – that I find very nice.

So have fun !

  • Alexx

    Please help me!!!
    I would love to test the app on my E71 but when I start the app
    I have to sign in and I cant find a way to tip “@” and “_”!!!!

    you can contact me:


    • On my keyboard the @ character is just to the left of the space key. The _ character is in the list I get by pressing the chr (right bottom) key. Maybe your layout is different.

  • alexr

    I do have the same problem on my Nokia E71 with German phone language and keyboard layout. I could not find the @ which is required in order to login with my mailaddress.

    Thanx for any hint

  • Hm, this is weird. Even if you don’t have @ directly on the keyboard you should still be able to get the list of special characters by pressing CHR – the bottom right key.

    What annoys me is that this app has no obvious quit option!

    Still it’s nice that they finally offer so many options for free.

  • Sean

    I have the same problem…Help!
    How to type @…