• Thank you for updating this! I was about to go do this myself as I noticed that he hadn’t updated it in a while, and voila, Google finds you!

    • That’s why I like open source 🙂

  • John

    Hi – thanks for doing this, saved me a bit of time – I’ve noticed one thing that needs updated in flowplayer.php.

    If you are using a commercial licence (line 129)

    $swf = ‘commercial’;

    should be

    $swf = ‘.commercial’;

  • ola

    I have with this plugin when playing swf videos.It always shows a “play again” inside the screen while the video is playing,with otherer formats like .flv it works just fine.How to remove this “play again”??
    Anybody help me?

    • .flv is the flash video standard. I don’t think others are supported.