Silly Android contact merging

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So, for now my beloved n900 is in the service dead, so I started organizing contacts on the Android phone I have. First thing I did was to merge contacts (for example joining Jon Doe’s contact from google-phonebook, facebook, skype and so on)

I’m used to doing this for years now as the old n900 but I noticed this strange behaviour with some of my frinds who use fake names /nicknames for skype or facebook, etc.

Say I join Jon Doe (google) with kingofrock1950 (on skype) sometimes it showed the real name other times the nickname. I tried searching for a setting or a way to change it but found none.

Here’s the (lack of) logic behind it:

  • If you choose Jon Doe and then select join with kingofrock1950 the name in the phone book will be the real name.
  • If you select kingofrock1950 and then join with Jon Doe the name shown will be kingofrock1950.

I find it extremely stupid that I can’t select the default account which gives the name. Though you can select the picture. Fitting, all image, stupid functionality. Well…

If you have to fix it you need to Separate contact and then join in the correct order. Nice, isn’t it?

  • I am thinking of buying a new Android phone. I’ve already read some articles published in popular magazines, but I’d rather take your word over theirs. I have a slight suspicion that some reviews are paid by the manufacturers. 

    Anyway, should I go for an expensive high end model or a mainstream, more down to earth model?

    • Hi,

      I’m pretty sure that some reviewers have their own agenda. Still reputable reviewers like Anand ( and many others are in my opinion trustworthy. You will always get a better phone (faster cpu, more ram, longer software support) if you go for a top of the line model. If you really need that and can justify such an expense is a question only you can answer.

      The tone of the article is negative because I really don’t get why would you implement such brain dead features but all in all Android (partly due to lack of choice) is a pretty good choice – at least for me.

      • Thank you for your quick and useful response! Kudos!