Starting 2014 Ad Free

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As you probably failed to notice I removed from my blog the like/tweet/etc. buttons a while ago as I figured nobody is going to tweet about how he found the latest fix to some obscure daemon. As I find ads more and more annoying I decided to start 2014 Ad free and so I removed all the ads from the site. This is a big step as Ad Sense helped a lot to pay the server bill.

Update: Wrong choice 🙂 3 months and a big fat 0. So I’m going back to google to help a bit with the server bill. You can still say thanks in whatever way you want if I helped you in any way.

If you feel that reading this blog helped you (maybe saved you a few hours of hair pulling) and wish to offer some support/reward please consider one of the options bellow

If you think of signing up for a VPS please consider Linode and use this link. I use Linode both at work and privately (and have used them for years) and even if they are not the cheapest around they are really reliable and have exceptional support. If you sign up via the affiliate link and keep your linode for 3 months you spare me a month’s bill.

If you use virtual currency please consider a donation:

BTC: 1NFyWqzMHkMxSLC1fSUvmt7chdz7rD5yTF

– You could use paypal to buy me a beer (even a case too if you feel like 🙂 ) :

(If you don’t have a PayPal account, no need to sign up for one – you can just use any credit or debit card.)