What’s here?

Lot’s of stuff, and will grow over time. Windows and Linux Help, Tutorials, Resources and information for Unix/Linux, Windows, Symbian, Maemo and other general computing related topics. Will have reviews,  my opinions, how-to’s, suggestions and more.

I have been involved with computers ever since I was 11 years old. Not games, I learned Basic alone with the computer’s handbook. Although I’m graduating from a Computer Engineering College I am mostly self taught, and so, I have hit many problems and also found many answers. I will try to document as many as possible here.

I am available for work (servers, workstations, networks, web design, maintenance – more in the experience section or contact me.

Why sgvulcan.com?

It’s comming from my name: Silviu G. Vulcan.


I will add more info about me under the Experience page.

You can find a more personal blog of mine (mostly in romanian) at ro.sgvulcan.com

  • hiral

    i like your glcd program for ploting graph of temperature.i am making weather station using micro controller at89s253 so i need to draw a graph for wind direction showing in circle with degree on glcd so if you find anything regarded this please send me on my mail

    • I sure will, though my experience with Atmega is nil.