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          Chemistry: ACS Certified


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          of matter, the changes that matter undergoes, and the energy associated with these changes.

          What You'll Do

          • Gain a rigorous foundation in chemistry, science and math in the context of a broad university education.
          • Interact closely with experienced faculty who are recognized for their writing, training, professional affiliations, and expertise.
          • Study in the state-of-the-art, first-rate learning environment provided by the newly renovated Magill Hall of Science.
          • Have opportunities to pursue research and scholarship that help develop independent thinking and problem solving.
          • Have employment opportunities within the department that can provide chemistry-related work experience prior to graduation.

          What You'll Study

          • CH185 General Chemistry
          • CH341 Foundations of Organic Chemistry
          • CH312 Advanced Physical Chemistry
          • CH343 Advanced Organic Chemistry

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          Internships & Career Opportunities

          • Biokyowa
          • Buzzi Unicem USA
          • Eli Lilly
          • Exxon Mobil
          • Monsanto
          • PPG Industries
          • Proctor and Gamble
          • Sigma-Aldrich

          Graduate School Opportunities

          • John Hopkins University
          • Penn State University
          • Purdue University
          • Washington University
          • University of Missouri


          Costs at Southeast

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