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          Public Health: Information


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          of the projected increase in US jobs is projected to come from the healthcare and social assistance sectors.

          What You'll Do

          • Understand the concepts of population health, and the basic processes and interventions that identify and address major health related needs and issues for populations.
          • Be able to identify opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the human life span by acquiring an understanding of the science of human health and disease.
          • Develop an understanding of the socioeconomic, behavioral, biological, environmental and other factors that impact human health and health disparities. 
          • Be able to use and analyze public health data and evidenced based approaches in public health practice.
          • Be well prepared to directly enter career positions in the public health field or to successfully pursue post-baccalaureate education programs

          What You'll Study

          • HL120 Health Perspectives 
          • PS103 US Political Systems 
          • PY555 Health Psychology 
          • UI352 Medical Ethics

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          Internships & Career Opportunities

          • Health Officer
          • Project Manager
          • Health Research Analyst
          • Rural Health Analyst
          • Disaster Specialist
          • Health Services Consultant
          • Humanitarian Organizations
          • Program Administrators


          Costs at Southeast

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