Want to say thanks?

Since I dislike ads I thought it only fitting to remove all ads from my blog. It’s a hassle anyway for very little money. I tried once before in the past but since flattr/donations amounted to nil I returned to AdSense. Time passed and I really don’t need help keeping this site afloat so Ads are gone for good.

If you feel like saying thanks in some way see below:

If you think of signing up for a VPS please consider Linode and use this link. I use Linode both at work and privately (and have used them for years) and even if they are not the cheapest around they are really reliable and have exceptional support. If you sign up via the affiliate link and keep your linode for 3 months you spare me a month’s bill.  I also use Digital Ocean for testing and so credit there also is a big help. If you consider them please use my affiliate link: https://m.do.co/c/7a2fac7e0f93

– I missed the opportunity to get rich quickly from the Bitcoin craze so if you feel like throwing a few my way here are my addresses:

BTC: 1NFyWqzMHkMxSLC1fSUvmt7chdz7rD5yTF

– I had a paypal donate button for a while, nobody really used it. Drop me a comment in this page if you would like to send something my way using it.

– If you have access to it and ways to send it myway (europe) I can always use server/networking hardware for my homelab – maybe stuff your company is decommissioning?

– If you think of something else just drop me a line on Twitter/G+/etc.